#TomPrice the new Secretary for Health and Human Services has deleted information gathering of #LGBTQSeniors. LGBTQ Seniors are still marginalized, however progress is being made. Tom Price seeks to make LGBTQ Seniors invisible which would eliminate needed funding. It is no secret that Tom Price is anti-LGBTQ. Call your representative directly to support data gathering of LGBTQ Seniors, and/or call the Department of Health and Human services directly:

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201
Toll Free Call Center: 1-877-696-6775​


Original post from the Center For American Progress:  https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/lgbt/news/2017/03/20/428623/trump-administration-rolling-back-data-collection-lgbt-older-adults/



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Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day

The #GayElderCircle took time today to reflect on #WomensHistoryMonth and #InternationalWomensDay. Contributions by Women to our society and culture are too numerous to count. Fighting tooth and nail to be included into our history books. Fighting tooth and nail to be seen as positive role models. Still fighting tooth and nail to reach the upper echelon of our own government.

We take time to reflect on our own living herstorians right here in our own backyard. #JewelThaisWilliams, #LorriJean, #PatLanglois and #AlfredaLanoix you are fortunate to know them, and you are fortunate to be able to know them and their roles in our community. We are fortunate to know them and have worked with them and will continue to work with them. They enrich our community.

Thank you!

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Save The Date

The #GayElderCircle requests you Save The Date for our next meeting, March 12, 2017 at Plummer, Park in West Hollywood.

We also take this time, as we move close to St Patrick’s Day, to look at Irish pioneer Roger Casement. The “Black Diaries” led to him being written out of Irish history, and the Irish Revolution. We encourage you to learn about him and his achievements here:


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Revisiting Homophobia

ho·mo·pho·bi·a (hōməˈfōbēə), noun – dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people

#Homophobia – one word that is so divisive. Dislike of your fellow man, yes, fear of your fellow man, no. Homophobia is not a fear. The word Homophobia is a word, when used in anger, fear mongering, or when accompanied by a physical assault it meant to drive Gay (LGBTQ) persons away, or into hiding. What does this accomplish? Nothing more than reinforcing hetero-normative behavior, or hetero-supremacy over another group of individuals.

Why is this? Why does this happen? Is it because human sexuality classes in colleges, universities, and recently secondary schools did not teach the many variations of human sexual expression. These same colleges, universities, and secondary schools pushed a hetero-normative agenda as the only way. We do not wish to place the blame on educational institutions. The blame must be placed on the institutions that set the agenda for education. The blame must also be placed on those who use any type of variation of human sexual expression as a way to promote fear mongering.

One of our #GayElderCircle co-founders, Don Kilhefner, has recently examined this topic entitled “Its Time to Bury the Word Homophobia”. This examination of the term Homophobia, its root cause, and symptoms are addressed in a manner that is both a good read, designed to promote discussion. It is also written to make you uncomfortable about how we have reached this place of hetero-normative supremacy.

Click this link for the full article “Its Time to Bury the Word Homophobia”:  Its Time To Bury The Word Homophobia

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Inspire Spiritual Community

GEC - Inspire 02-2017

The #GayElderCircle wishes to send its Congratulations to the #InspireSpiritualCommunity. Inspire is celebrating its seventh year of spiritual growth and leadership in #WestHollywood and beyond.

Inspire frequently hosts an “Ask The Elders” meeting in which members of the Gay Elder Circle participates. We celebrate Reverend Jesse Brune-Horan, and his Leadership Team.

Visit them if your in the area, or via the Internet:


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Gay Elder Circle – New and Continuing Officers

GEC Board 02-2017


The #GayElderCircle is pleased to announce our new and continuing officers. (L-R) Bill Sive – Member at Large, John Ruggles – Secretary, Allen Paige – President, Andy Sacher – Vice President, Ray Hogenson – Treasurer.

We look forward to the inspiration and leadership from our new President and Vice President, and the direction they will take us on our journey as the Gay Elder Circle.

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Black History Month 2017

GEC BHM 02 2017

The #GayElderCircle reflects on #RichardBruceNugent for this year’s #BlackHistoryMonth.  He would have not been part of the #HarlemRenaissance if it were not for the efforts of #LangstonHughes.  Poet, Artist, and Playwright Richard Nugent conveyed an honest approach to life.  Same gendered, and inter-racial relationships were on the table in his work for all to see.  The Gay Elder Circle honors Richard Nugent for his contributions to our collective LGBTQ history and is not to be forgotten.

“…his body was all symmetry and music…and Alex called him Beauty…long they lay…blowing smoke and exchanging thoughts…”  – Richard Nugent

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Reflecting On “When A Monster Calls”

GEC Tree 020517

The #GayElderCircle reflects on the film #WhenAMonsterCalls. At first glance this film is a coming of age story of a 10 year old boy. A variation of #WhereTheWildThigsAre with a mature ending. However, in this particular story the “Monster” is a Tree, and this is what is significant.
A Tree, how we have forgotten the role Trees have hand throughout civilization. The Tree of Knowledge as it relates to our spiritual self. The Tree of Life as it relates to our mortality. Spiritual leaders have died on trees, and have meditated under trees. They can provide relief from hunger, provide shade, and give themselves up so we can have shelter, beds, boats etc., like “#TheGivingTree” by #ShelSilverstein.
Trees, like Owls are full of wisdom. They show us how to reach for the heavens, while remaining firmly rooted. Trees are great leaders, and mentors. Collectively we have forgotten the importance of Trees and how they remind us of our ties to Gaea.
Monsters are misunderstood. Human civilizations have created Monsters for generations. They make up the branches and leaves of folklore, and traditions, and provide many opportunities to learn. When a tale has ended, when the light has come on, or the film has ended, it is quite common to discover that we, ourselves are actually the Monster.
“All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit, with all the life it supports.” – Chief Seattle

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