Transgender Seniors

Join the #GayElderCircle as we bring to light an issue surrounding LGBTQ+ Seniors, and Transgender Seniors in particular. Earlier this year the US Secretary of Health and Human Service (Tom Price) removed LGBTQ+ Seniors from two national surveys “The National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants” and the “Annual Program Performance Report for Centers for Independent Living”. Earlier this month the questions were added back in, however, left out were references regarding Transgender Seniors.

Without visibility an under served group of Older American are unable to be counted in these surveys thereby making that group invisible. In turn that group is not able to access funding and services. These surveys ensures that older adults have the social support they need in life, such as access to food, transportation, and caregiver support, and evaluates services that help people with disabilities to live independently.

The Gay Elder Circle encourages you to contact your State and Federal representatives to encourage the inclusion of Transgender Seniors back into these national surveys. Please contact your State and Federal representatives before July 24, 2017.

(Peter) Patricia featured in this image came out as Transgender at 90 years old. Patricia served in WWII, and was previously married for 63 years. Patricia’s wife passed away six years ago. Patrica began hormone therapy one year ago.

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Untreatable Gonorrhea On The Rise

The #GayElderCircle brings to your awareness the current state of participating in oral sex. The#WorldHealthOrganization has recently announced that certain types of #gonorrhea are now resistance to traditional antibiotics, thereby making gonorrhea incurable. The bacteria that cause gonorrhea have become highly adaptable and have changed their DNA makeup as different types of antibiotics are utilized. There are three strains of STI’s that are completely resistance all types of antibiotics.

Gonorrhea, in men, is spread through unprotected oral, and anal sex. Gonorrhea can also be spread through sex toys that have not been properly sterilized between partners. Gonorrhea is not deadly, however, it can lead to further complications without treatment.

The Gay Elder Circle encourages all persons who engage in risky sex play to have regular checkups at your healthcare provider.


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A Day Apart (2017)

The #GayElderCircle got “naked” as a Naga Sadhu recently at a event limited to certain members. By naked we mean emotionally naked. The event referred to as “A Day Apart” setup an environment for deeper sharing between attendees. The event asked the question of why members of the Gay Elder Circle remain members.

The most prominent reason was two-fold.

First – fellowship of our fellow Gay Man. A place where Gay Men can discuss topics freely and honestly. There is no shame in an experience, no sharp banter, or quick wit. There is understanding of where an individual is on His journey in life.

Secondly – camaraderie. The Gay Elder Circle is a place that is removed from the Internet and Social Media. Where Men can interact in a real person atmosphere.

The Gay Elder Circle offers time for self-reflection, and feedback on our personal concerns. Our media touch points are degrading human sensitivity, and human interpersonal relationships. We feel, but just for a moment, as Media has placed unrealistic expectations on people’s bodies, and people do not feel attractive anymore. Media and its unrealistic influence on sexuality, personal relationships, and long-term relationships is damaging to each and every one of us. We get into a position where we can’t deal with delayed gratification. This delayed gratification impacts the way in which we deal with our physical and emotional environment, and deal with the things we want in life. It effects our ability to deal with those we want to have personal relationships with, and those we want to be intimate with.

The attendees took the time to become emotionally, and intellectually intimate. This is what sets the Gay Elder Circle apart from similar groups. Our conversations are organic in nature, and are very rarely pre-determined. The Gay Elder Circle is a celebration of being a Gay Male Adult, on our journey to becoming a Gay Elder, in an affirming environment.

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Michael Bond: The Train Has Left The Station

The #GayElderCirlce is sad to learn of the passing of Mr. Michael Bond, the creator of #Paddington bear. Many people old and young who have come to love the Peruvian bear in his bright red Wellington boots, cap, and duffel coat.

It takes a very special person such as Mr. Bond to craft stories that resonate from generation to generation. Mr. Bond leaves a legacy of kindness and learning from his little refugee.

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World Peace & Prayer Day

Today the #GayElderCircle recognizes #WorldPeaceandPrayerDay.  The Gay Elder Circle begins, and ends each meeting with prayers and words of wisdom shared among our attendees. Those spoken words are affirming and uplifting.

We share with you today the legend of the #WhiteBuffalo. It is said that a white buffalo appeared in the form of a woman who wore white hides. One man was respectful toward her, and the other was not. The one who was not was turned into a pile of bones. She gave the respectful brave a pipe and taught him special music. She also taught him various rituals and said that she would someday return in an era of peace. Many people cling to this legend of White Buffalo as a hope that there will be an end to suffering.

We encourage you to share this story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman and we recognize Wold Peace and Prayer Day.

We also join spiritual hands with Founder’s MCC as they launch the Summer of Love and Resistance. Ten weeks of identifying our skills, values and strengthening the character of our country. Join the #LoveArmy movement.

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Celebration of All Life and Creation Pow Wow

The #GayElderCircle had another great time at the #RedCircleProject Celebration of All Life and Creation Pow Wow today.

Pictured above is our new Elder Friend Andy (center), along with Papa Mike (left) and our Member-At-Large Bill (right). Andy shared a story with us of how he was discriminated against when he was younger and when he wanted to go out to bars and dance clubs, security would ask for two ID’s etc.

We also had a number of people come up to us today having conversations with us about the role of Elders in our community, and in Native American communities. We were thanked for being Elders and role models.

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