Untreatable Gonorrhea On The Rise

The #GayElderCircle brings to your awareness the current state of participating in oral sex. The#WorldHealthOrganization has recently announced that certain types of #gonorrhea are now resistance to traditional antibiotics, thereby making gonorrhea incurable. The bacteria that cause gonorrhea have become highly adaptable and have changed their DNA makeup as different types of antibiotics are utilized. There are three strains of STI’s that are completely resistance all types of antibiotics.

Gonorrhea, in men, is spread through unprotected oral, and anal sex. Gonorrhea can also be spread through sex toys that have not been properly sterilized between partners. Gonorrhea is not deadly, however, it can lead to further complications without treatment.

The Gay Elder Circle encourages all persons who engage in risky sex play to have regular checkups at your healthcare provider.


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