Transgender Seniors

Join the #GayElderCircle as we bring to light an issue surrounding LGBTQ+ Seniors, and Transgender Seniors in particular. Earlier this year the US Secretary of Health and Human Service (Tom Price) removed LGBTQ+ Seniors from two national surveys “The National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants” and the “Annual Program Performance Report for Centers for Independent Living”. Earlier this month the questions were added back in, however, left out were references regarding Transgender Seniors.

Without visibility an under served group of Older American are unable to be counted in these surveys thereby making that group invisible. In turn that group is not able to access funding and services. These surveys ensures that older adults have the social support they need in life, such as access to food, transportation, and caregiver support, and evaluates services that help people with disabilities to live independently.

The Gay Elder Circle encourages you to contact your State and Federal representatives to encourage the inclusion of Transgender Seniors back into these national surveys. Please contact your State and Federal representatives before July 24, 2017.

(Peter) Patricia featured in this image came out as Transgender at 90 years old. Patricia served in WWII, and was previously married for 63 years. Patricia’s wife passed away six years ago. Patrica began hormone therapy one year ago.

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