World Peace & Prayer Day

Today the #GayElderCircle recognizes #WorldPeaceandPrayerDay.  The Gay Elder Circle begins, and ends each meeting with prayers and words of wisdom shared among our attendees. Those spoken words are affirming and uplifting.

We share with you today the legend of the #WhiteBuffalo. It is said that a white buffalo appeared in the form of a woman who wore white hides. One man was respectful toward her, and the other was not. The one who was not was turned into a pile of bones. She gave the respectful brave a pipe and taught him special music. She also taught him various rituals and said that she would someday return in an era of peace. Many people cling to this legend of White Buffalo as a hope that there will be an end to suffering.

We encourage you to share this story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman and we recognize Wold Peace and Prayer Day.

We also join spiritual hands with Founder’s MCC as they launch the Summer of Love and Resistance. Ten weeks of identifying our skills, values and strengthening the character of our country. Join the #LoveArmy movement.

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