Revisiting Homophobia

ho·mo·pho·bi·a (hōməˈfōbēə), noun – dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people

#Homophobia – one word that is so divisive. Dislike of your fellow man, yes, fear of your fellow man, no. Homophobia is not a fear. The word Homophobia is a word, when used in anger, fear mongering, or when accompanied by a physical assault it meant to drive Gay (LGBTQ) persons away, or into hiding. What does this accomplish? Nothing more than reinforcing hetero-normative behavior, or hetero-supremacy over another group of individuals.

Why is this? Why does this happen? Is it because human sexuality classes in colleges, universities, and recently secondary schools did not teach the many variations of human sexual expression. These same colleges, universities, and secondary schools pushed a hetero-normative agenda as the only way. We do not wish to place the blame on educational institutions. The blame must be placed on the institutions that set the agenda for education. The blame must also be placed on those who use any type of variation of human sexual expression as a way to promote fear mongering.

One of our #GayElderCircle co-founders, Don Kilhefner, has recently examined this topic entitled “Its Time to Bury the Word Homophobia”. This examination of the term Homophobia, its root cause, and symptoms are addressed in a manner that is both a good read, designed to promote discussion. It is also written to make you uncomfortable about how we have reached this place of hetero-normative supremacy.

Click this link for the full article “Its Time to Bury the Word Homophobia”:  Its Time To Bury The Word Homophobia

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